We have been using AdWords for over 10 years, managed accounts both small and large, helping companies to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue and profit.

Would you like to see if you could double your ROAS (Return on ad spend) or better? This is a snap shot of some of the work that we can do to make your Google AdWords and Google Product Listing Ads more profitable and deliver you a higher ROAS. We are confident that we can improve your ROAS by offering a lower base fee with performance bonuses attached based on agreed achieved ROAS.

We have helped companies to develop winning short and long term strategies that consistently improved Return On Investment and reduced advertising spend while growing their revenue and bottom line. Contact us to see how we can improve your ROAS (Return on Ad Spent) and how you to can get a possible 50 to 1 ROAS or better?

With Google AdWords and Product listing ads we can help you by

  • Driving qualified relevant traffic
  • Qualifying Traffic and Conversion Tracking
  • Researching and Qualifying quality prime keywords using broad, phase and exact match types / negative
  • Deep analysis of quality score (both ad quality and landing page quality) Site engagement optimisation
  • Account and campaign structure optimisation
  • Taking full advantage of all AdWords features
  • ROAS optimisation
  • Providing a Dashboard for streamlined analysis and generation of marketing insights
  • Leveraging re-marketing
  • Email Marketing

And yes we can help you with geo location targeting, device targeting, Ad delivery, delivery method, Ad scheduling and all Ad extensions including location, site links, Call, App, Reviews, Callouts, price and Structured snippets extensions. If you need an AdWords account setup we can get it live with in as little as 24 hours. Already have a AdWords account then we can start improving your ROAS in as little as 24 hours!

We can also drive qualified relevant traffic to your site using the following methods:

Facebook Social Media Marketing
Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE / PPC) Optimisation
Channel Development and Setup (SEM / SEO)

We also offer our clients fully managed marketing services, this helps our clients reduce their requirement to employ, maintain and train staff, all while ensuring they are getting the best possible result from people who are experience and focused on delivering results. To find out more about our fully managed service click here.