Having difficulty managing or maintaining your marketing? having trouble getting real results? or simply want someone to manage it for you! our fully managed online marketing service can help you, all while driving better ROI (Return on Investment) across all channels of your eCommerce businesses, through this service we can help you by

Fully Managed Services
  • Online Market Research for market entry (Product/Market Fit)
  • Online Market Research for channel entry (Product/Market Fit)
  • Research on competitors
  • Competitor price monitoring and tracking
  • Refine value proposition and positioning
  • eCommerce Health Check
  • Determine the right eCommerce Strategy and Priorities
  • Set up the right KPI (Key Performance Indicator) measurements with Dashboard Tracking
  • Decide on best market channels to start
  • Build up funnels to acquire, engage and convert suspects to customers
  • Top funnels – eg. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, email capture, lead generations
  • Nurture buyer journey using re-targeting and email marketing
  • Develop bottom funnels to create sales eg, Adwords Shopping campaigns
  • Conversion and checkout optimisation
  • Customer Value Optimisation
  • Upselling and cross selling at point of purchase
  • Increase repeated customer purchase and frequency
  • Offer/product mix optimisation – create and manage the return path

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