Facebook marketing is becoming more and more important as more people are spending more time on mobile and social media platforms like Facebook.

In order to fully leverage the power of Facebook Ads, we will work out with you the best value proposition, content and offers for your different audience segments, and we will develop different campaigns to nurture the customers through their buying journey to increase your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). These typically include the followings:

  • Health check on existing page and campaigns
  • Highly targeted audience
  • Tiered targeting strategy letting you target your prospective audience, customers who have visited your website, customers who have purchased (targeting using re-marketing) and your ideal highest value customers (RFM)
  • Target different segments of your audience from suspects to prospects and everything in between
  • Target different demographics with in your audience ranging from age to gender and everything in between
  • Target customers who have visited your site or who have visited your competitors
  • Find new customers by building a look-a-like audience from your existing customer base
  • Build your top tiered look-a-like audiences
  • Build you tier 1 look-a-like audience, this is your top tier look-a-like audience based on customers most valuable to your business (most similar to your most valued customers)
  • Build your Tier 2 look-a-like audience, this is your 2nd most valuable audience that closely resembles your tier 1 audience
  • Build your Tier 3 look-a-like audience, this 3rd tier targets audience that resembles your tier 2 audience with out including generic audience targets.
  • Advise on when to use CPC or CPM bidding
  • Optimise Ads for CPC or CPM and conversion rates.
  • Optimise Ads for increased engagements
  • Facebook (both Insights and Ads) and Social Media Dashboard

Facebook Ads let you choose your audience, letting you extend your reach! With Facebook Ads its never been easier to target your desired most valuable audience.

We can also drive qualified relevant traffic to your site using the following methods:

Google AdWords and Product Listing Ads
Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE / PPC) Optimisation
Channel Development and Setup (SEM / SEO)

We also offer our clients fully managed marketing services, this helps our clients reduce their requirement to employ, maintain and train staff, all while ensuring they are getting the best possible result from people who are experience and focused on delivering results. To find out more about our fully managed service click here.