In order to increase profitability in eCommerce businesses, customer focus is very important. The better we can segment the customers based on their recency of purchase (R), frequency (F) and monetary value (M), the better we can target different RFM customer segments differently to maximise the aggregate total customer lifetime value.

Customer Value Optimisation – RFM segmentation

We help clients target existing customers to maximise the value of each customer, we can achieve this through analysis and understanding of your customer’s recency, frequency and monetary value. To kickstart this journey, We can also simplify this by segmenting your customer segments into the Low-Mid_High Value segments and target/nuture them differently.

  • Segmenting customers into dynamic customer groups based on recency, frequency and value
  • Marketing Automation to build customer profile group for a highly targeted approach
  • Tailored and targeted offerings to higher value customer groups
  • Incentivised offerings to medium value customer groups
  • Tripwires offers to low value customer groups
Customer Segments – LMH

Ultimately achieving personalisation through 1:1 (One to One) Marketing with automation tools.

This insight enables us to help clients increase their Average Order Value, Frequency of purchase, Repeat purchases, Product reviews, Customer advocacy, Customer retention and engagement.

Recency (R) + Frequency (F) + Monetary Value (M) = Customer Value Optimisation Success

We also offer our clients fully managed marketing services, this helps our clients reduce their requirement to employ, maintain and train staff, all while ensuring they are getting the best possible result from people who are experience and focused on delivering results. To find out more about our fully managed service click here.